Sonseree´ Verdise Gibson Photographer/Artist

I received a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento in 1999. In 2006 I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

I have always been an artist, but while studying at Savannah College of Art and Design I fell in love with photography. I became inspired by the art of self-portraits when a few years ago I was shown apiece in school titled Political Self-Portrait #2 (Race) created by Adrian Piper. Needless to say this also got me to thinking about the use of those same portraits to comment on race, and it’s social effects on American culture.

For the past several years I have produced work that examines both culture and self. Currently I am living, working and creating art in the city of Austin, Texas.